About Jeroen

Born in the Netherlands (1983). Roamed a lot. Found his home on the Greek island of Crete.

Jeroen has been retouching photographs since first discovering Photoshop in high school. After quitting his corporate career in 2016 he chose art for a living and made a career out of retouching while traveling the world in an old VW van.

After years of working on other photographers images he finally caved in and bought a camera of his own in 2022. He immediately fell in love with the art of photography and felt the love of his subjects and clients for his work.

To celebrate his success, he has opened his own photo studio (STUDIO BOSMAN) in the center of Chania in February 2023.

Jeroen's retouch work is notable for his meticulous attention to detail and his chameleon like skill to adapt his style to his clients wishes. He is best known for his work on interior design and lifestyle photography for both editorial publications and commercial brands.

As a photographer Jeroen is known for his authentic style. He has the ability to connect with his subjects and read them for who they truly are and the skill to translate that to an image. His work is best described as intimate yet powerful. 

His work can be seen in many retail and art campaigns through Europe and the United States, as well as on the covers and editorials of magazines around the world, including FHM and Kinfolk Magazine.

Jeroen has built an international practice working with brands as Thom Browne, Calvin Klein, Snowe Home, Studio HENK, Robuust, Vitaily, de Bijenkorf, E-BOOST, Dutch Garden and the municipality of Amsterdam amongst many others.


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