About me

My name is Jeroen, I am a real estate and portrait photographer

I pick up my camera to tell stories that need to be told

For me, photography is all about capturing the true essence of whatever catches my eye. Whether it's a person, a pet, a sleek car, or an elegant hotel, I'm on a mission to find and freeze those moments that make my heart skip a beat.

Through my lens, I aim to uncover the inherent beauty of each subject. Come along on this visual journey with me as we discover and preserve the captivating moments together.

Looking forward to capturing unforgettable moments together.


Fact 1

I lived in Amsterdam for many years, so I developed a separate passion for photographing streets and architecture.


Fact 2

As a Tony Robbins certified coach connecting to people is like second nature to me. Which is why I also love shooting portraiture.


Fact 3

I moved to Crete because I enjoy the simpler things in life - being out and about with friends, good food, sun, and nice views.


Fact 4

I retouched for big name brands and photographers for six years before I eventually picked up a camera myself.

some of the brands we've worked with